Hand operated curtain track systems

Hand operated curtain tracks are the most economical and simple to use. Our wide range ensures we can meet the needs of commercial or domestic buildings. Inherently safe by design, they are suitable for hotels, restaurants and public spaces. Enjoy unobtrusive, elegant and smooth operation. Durable and maintenance free, our curtain tracks can be bent for curved applications.

SG 1011S
SG 1012S
SG 1015S
SG 1020S 10 kg
SG 1032S
SG 1060S
SG 1070S
SG 1080S
SG 1090S
SG 360010 kg
SG 6010S - M
SG 6011S - M
SG 6026S
SG 6035M - L
SG 6170M - L
SG 6243S - M
SG 6244M - L
SG 6250S - M
SG 6293M - L
SG 6380M - L
SG 6465S - M
SG 6475S - M
SG 6815S - M
SG 6820S - M 10 kg
SG 6840M - L
SG 6870M - L
SG 6970M - L