Case Study

One Football, Berlin, Germany

Name and location:
One Football, Berlin, Germany

Customer, contractor, architect:
TKEZ architecture & design, Munich
HKR Raumausstattung GmbH, Stahnsdorf

Products installed:
Electric curtain track system SG 5600 with Wave, Colorama 2

Roland Troll

The One Football headquarters in Berlin is among the “10 coolest office spaces” and the 6 top start-ups in Berlin. Founded 2008, the company employs a team of 90 programmers and designers delivering applications and services to a global football community. The light colours of the rooms create an expansive sense of space, highlighted to a substantial degree by the use of transparent walls.

The electric curtain track system with Wave is used in the individual offices and conference rooms. In most rooms the system is installed in 90-degree arcs with a radius of 28cm. The white curtains with Colorama 2 fabric in Wave configuration create a wonderfully calm, yet playfully temporary, partition of the room. A special curtain overlap was developed to enable access to the rooms, even when the curtains are closed.