Case Study

Medbase, Sports Medical Centre, Abtwil, Switzerland

Name and location:
Medbase, Sports Medical Centre, Abtwil, Switzerland

Products installed:
Room divider SG 6100 with Wave, Colorama 1 or 2

Hannes Thalmann 

Laid out over 1000 square metres, the Sports Medical Centre (ZMS) within Hotel Säntispark provides personalised care to residents of the region, individual guests residing in the hotel, athletes and teams requiring medical and therapeutic support. Combined with the hotel and the existing leisure and fitness infrastructure at Säntispark, this has created a unique facility attracting guests from far beyond the regional borders.

The soft forms of the Wave curtains ideally complement the new treatment and training facilities, imbuing the design with a particularly modern feel. Colorama 1 fabric by Silent Gliss successfully balances transparency with appropriate privacy for the athletes, clients and patients.