Case Study

Casa Violi, Mallorca, Spain

Name and location:
Casa Violi, Mallorca, Spain

Products installed:
Roller blind system SG 4870, Colorama 2
Roller blind system SG 4880 (6.5 m), Colorama 2
Vertical Waves SG 2950, Multi Visio

Mike Niederhauser

This modern villa with 600m2 living space on three floors features a splendid view of Mallorca’s beautiful coastline. Silent Gliss equipped the villa with white motorised Vertical Waves SG 2950 at the entrance and the atrium. The motorised Roller Blind Systems SG 4870 have been installed in all rooms. The motorised Roller Blind System SG 4880 has been installed additonally in the living room with an impressive drop of 6.5 m over two floors. The Roller Blinds have been choosen due to the consistent view from the outside of the villa.