Flexible Room Darkening - Simple Fitting

The new Silent Gliss Dim-out Blind Systems

Perfect Shading for the Workplace
Conference rooms and workspaces require flexible lighting conditions, whereas presentations often need the room completely dark. The Silent Gliss dim-out system uses side profiles, a ZIP tensioning system and brush strips to deliver the ideal solution for room darkening. The systems are simple to use, with a choice of chain or electric operation.


Simple to install
Fitted in just a few simple steps, with profiles fixed directly to the wall or ceiling, the system keeps costs to a minimum. Effortlessly.


Offered in three sizes
The system is available in small, medium and large to accommodate a wide range of window sizes. Profiles are supplied powder-coated in black or white.


Perfectly positioned. Perfectly tensioned.
The unique two-component ZIP system ensures smooth and consistent movement. The fabric is perfectly tensioned at all times and the side profiles enable optimum placement in front of windows or other glass partitions. With simple fitting, installation costs are kept to a minimum.


Dim-out at the push of a button
The dim-out blind system is offered with chain or electric operation. When electrically operated, a radio remote control and the Silent Gliss Move app are available. The Move app allows rooms to be automatically darkened at a specific time, even pre-programmed for upcoming events!


Top-class and made-to-measure
The Silent Gliss dim-out system is supplied made-to-measure with a choice of high-quality Silent Gliss fabrics.